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We are pro-life and pro-choice citizens of Jackson Hole standing for civility, compassion and love,
united to protect our community and our children.

Jackson Hole United Celebration Picnic
Powderhorn Park
Sunday, June 3, 2012, 4:00 - 8:00 PM
Croquet, Softball and Volleyball

Celebration Reminder!

    Where: Powderhorn Park
    When: Sunday, June 3, from 4-8
    What to bring:
  • If your last name falls between A to M = appetizer or dessert
  • IIf your last name falls between N to Z = main course or salad
  • IBYO plates, napkins, etc (we can encourage reusable not plastic)

Also, depending on how many grills are on location at the park, if you are planniing on grilling and have a portable then that may be the way to go.

From Deb Lopez, A giant Thank You to Dan Norton for reserving Powderhorn Park for us. He will be meeting me at the park Sunday morning at 11:30 to hand off all of the equipment (on loan from Parks and Rec). I need volunteers to assist at the 4 PM hour to set up the volley ball net and lay out a croquet course. This is YOUR party!


Actions and Motives
"A New Family, United"
Jim McCollum

Please don't harm the children
Hide their eyes and shield their face
Turn away the horrors
Have they lost all love and grace

Left avoids the images
Intended to scar the soul
Right will lead you down the path
That United Jackson Hole

Tears fall down a mothers face
A man hangs his head with shame
An OSA protester curses
Preaching hate under God's name

The actions and the motives
Of the entities involved
Will never find a common ground
There will never be resolve

The actions and the motives
The good intentions of a few
Have nurtured a new family
And the things we say and do

Civility, Compassion, Love
Simple words that stand alone
Yet the power of them united
Has blessed this town... our home

James McCollum, 5/22/2012


Discussion on the Town Square
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Jackson Hole United
Community Forum

The Jackson Hole United Community Forum was a great evening filled with great ideas, suggestions and communication. Thanks Center for the Arts and everyone who help put this together in such short order. We had about 75 people attend.

The event was recorded and we would like to make it available thru the jacksonholeunited.org website for those who weren't able to attend. Does anyone know who might have video editing experience and a little time to prepare and compress it for use on the website? Let me know, Cliff 307-690-9846 or ckirkpatrick@bresnan.net. .

JH United at Eco-Fair

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Jackson Hole United volunteers manned our booth at the 2012 Eco-Fair. They were busy spreading the message of "Civility, Compassion, and Love." Lots of folks in the community picked up posters, yard signs, DOs & DON'Ts cards, and bought T-shirts. Thanks to all that participated, especially our energetic Cathy Poindexter

  We Still Have T-Shirts

JH United T-Shirt
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Only $10.00 - Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL
Help spread the word with your t-shirt


Do's and Don'ts Card and Button

Here is where you can get T-shirts, buttons, flyers, DOs & DON'Ts cards:

Book Traders in Powderhorn Mall
Valley Bookstore in Gaslight Alley
Wyoming Outfitters on the Town Square
Jackson Hole Flower Co on the Village Road in the Aspens
Browse & Buy St. John's campus

Shirts will be $10.00. Checks for shirts or donations can be made out to St. John's Church, MEMO: J.H.U. Additionally, help yourself to as many posters and buttons as you will realistically use or distribute.

These local businesses are making an effort to support Jackson Hole United, so do what you can to support these businesses in return!

Jackson Hole United

I was asked if I could post the article I wrote for the Sunday St. John's bulletin, so here you go:

Last week I mentioned the group that we have spearheaded to develop a unified, positive and healthy response to the planned invasion of an extremist anti-abortion organization coming to Jackson later this month. This organization, which visited Jackson last year, is intentionally targeting the children of Jackson Hole with violent imagery and hateful rhetoric, planning demonstrations outside schools, and planning to descend in full-force on the Annual Elk Fest, a community event built around the annual Boy Scout Elk Antler Auction on May 19.

A lot has happened this week:
  • We formalized our name: Jackson Hole United.
  • We agreed on our message for posters, etc.: Civility Compassion Love.
  • We wrote a mission statement: We are pro-life and pro-choice citizens of Jackson Hole standing for civility, compassion and love, united to protect our community and our children.
  • I was asked to present briefly at the Rotary Club lunch.
  • We have an email account: jacksonholeunited@gmail.com
  • We developed a Facebook page Jackson Hole United - that launched Wednesday morning and by today had more than 1,800 members. We now have a Twitter account and are working on a web site!

We have clearly touched a nerve in this community. This began because there was a rapidly growing current of anger and agitation bubbling up in the community. My fear was that this would inevitably result in confrontation. This is not the right approach for a number of reasons.

First of all, what message are we sending our children? I would prefer that my children learn that the best response when confronted with hatred is love. That as a civil society, there are appropriate and inappropriate ways of conducting ourselves. That it is possible to disagree with one another and still treat one another with civility, compassion, and love.

Second, responding in a confrontational way simply feeds the beast. This organization and others like it thrive on attention, the more negative he better. If we respond negatively, we play right into their hands.

Third, who do we want to be as a community? This has the potential to be a defining moment for Jackson. It also is an opportunity for Jackson to set a standard for other communities to respond with this kind of positive approach.

The goal of Jackson Hole United is primarily to educate and provide a healthy and positive outlet for people's anger. We now have a platform from which we can educate about the importance of non-engagement through a series of letters and emails, press releases, advertising, and social networking. We are also planning a public forum in the days before the anti-abortion extremists descend on Jackson to discuss our approach, unite the community, and provide tools that empower people to ignore with intentionality.

Finally, Jackson Hole United will provide posters and buttons with our positive message: Civility Compassion Love - to all citizens, and is encouraging all business owners in Jackson to put a poster in their window. The group will also be selling T-shirts with the same message in order to help fund the group's efforts. I am so proud to be a part of a movement that has brought together people on both sides of an issue that has divided this country for generations now. I am so proud to be able to represent St. John's and the Episcopal Church in this endeavor. I am so proud of the number of parishioners who have jumped on board with us. We are creating something positive rather than responding to something negative. What a wonderful lesson for us all.

God's peace,
(The Reverend) Mary Cobb Erickson


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